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There is always something to do – Residents of the Village of St. Elizabeth Mills enjoy over 100 activities, clubs and social groups. The ability to pick and choose which hobby or passion you want to pursue is one of the great features of the Village. Opportunities to make friendships and share laughs with like minded adults. We’d like to lift the vale on the Village and give you a taste of what’s going on.

A full woodworking shop available at St. Elizabeth Mills.

Woodworking Shop – wood carving and finishing offered for men and women with experience at all levels at all levels (turning, scroll-sawing, carving, carpentry, and much more), and offers a fully functional woodworking shop. There is always a someone there to help out.

Line Dancing – A variety of line dances are taught and practiced during these sessions. No experience necessary

Hands knitting – ladies craft circle.

Ladies Craft Circle – Varied craft techniques and practices are employed in the Ladies Craft Circle. The art making process is creative and serves as a way to explore past and present experiences. Whether approached as artwork, as therapy or just a way to have fun, it is a powerful tool.

Stained Glass Workshop – Located in the Edelwiess Barn, learn the basic skills of making stained glass. Learn to cut, grind, foil and solder. You will be proud to hang it for everyone.

Many to books to be read – fiction or non-fiction; which ever you prefer.

Book Club – Residents read and discuss different fiction/non-fiction books. Goes hand in a hand with the many books available for reading.

This is only a taste of what life in the Village has to offer. Be sure send us a message or visit to learn more.