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St. Elizabeth of Hungary Church is a large part of the charm and history of the Village at St. Elizabeth Mills. A place that Residents and the surrounding community frequent for prayer and faith.

The Church has been standing for 37 years. Triangular in shape to symbolize the Holy Trinity and built and built low to not cast a shadow over the Village. Designed with care in its construction and decoration. A white cross suspended above three bells – St. Stephen, St. Ladislas and St. Emeric. They ring out three times a day, for morning mass and Angelus at 8 am, noon 12 pm and 6 pm. Every bell toll is an auditory piece of history.

Sister Elizabeth and Residents with one of the Church Bells – source: St. Elizabeth Home Society.

Twenty four stunning stained glass windows adorn the church. Depicting important figures of Christian history – Moses, St. John The Baptist and St. Elizabeth to name a few. The windows were designed by Monsignor. C.H. Henkey – there is a street named after him in the Village – and built by Dutch artist Jan Schoenaker.

St.Elizabeth Church- Stained Glass
A few of the stained glass windows. Source: St. Elizabeth Home Society.

The Church stands at the end of St. Elizabeth Way, outside of the gates so that visitors and join mass and prayer. The Church is also wheelchair accessible by hallway from the St. Elizabeth Retirement Residence to allow for it’s Residents to attend mass and silent prayer.

Be sure to visit the St. Elizabeth Home Society’s website for more information and the mass schedule.

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