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The Village St. Elizabeth Mills is all about supporting the notion of “Lock-and-leave living”. It offers a flexible, low maintenance lifestyle without sacrificing comfort along the way. You’ll find many convenient lock-and-leave options are available here.

Not worrying about lawn care, exterior maintenance and most other seasonal chores, allow you to live virtually carefree. Yet, letting go of your snow shoveling and lawn care chores, isn’t the only reason to consider a move to The Village at St. Elizabeth Mills. You’ll also enjoy on-site security and like-minded neighbours a few steps away. If you’d like to have someone check your home now and again, and collect your stack of mail, it is helpful to belong to a tight knit community.

The best feature [in our opinion] of lock-and-leave living is the flexibility it provides. For those with an active lifestyle this means coming and going is worry-free. Weekend getaway; lock it, and leave it. Out of town visiting friends; lock it, and leave it. Escaping the winter months; rest assured your section of snow is being cleared.

Visiting children and grandchildren longer than expected? No problem, travelling no longer requires the preparation and planning it once did. It’s as simple as locking up your home and returning when you want.

So why don’t you join in the lock n’ leave revolution and enjoy a care-free lifestyle now.